Steeltec Dynamic Spurs

Designer: Stubben

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Size: 15mm

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Available in 3 sizes;  15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm

Stubben Steeltec Dynamic Spurs come in three neck lengths. Stubben's Dynamic Spurs for English riding feature a clean, elegant look, along with an improved fit for narrow-heeled riding boots due to the special v-shaped heel design. The offset loop makes them more comfortable than traditional spurs.

The Dynamic English spurs are made by Stubben of a flexible stainless steel that allows the rider to form the spur to their own size, need and comfort. Because of this flexibility, Dynamic spurs fit both men and women

• V-shape for better fit on the boot
• Flexible, break-proof stainless steel
• Individually adjustable to all sizes
• Safe and comfortable fit due to offset strap slots
• Enable effective and precise aids