Stainless Steel Grated Stirrup Pads

Designer: Centaur

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Centaur Metal Cheese Grater Stirrup Pads are replacement pads for your English irons. If you ride with Fillis stirrup irons on your English saddle, you may have the rubber footpads that came with them. Over time, those can wear out and lose their cushioning. They also won't work as well for keeping your foot in the stirrups. If your feet tend to slip out of the irons when you ride, particularly at the sitting trot, it may be time to get new stirrup iron pads as well as working on dropping into your heel.

While the heel of your riding boots prevents your foot from sliding forward into the stirrup, it's no help for keeping your foot securely on the footpad. This is where the Metal Cheesegrater Stirrup Pads help out. These replacement pads from Centaur are for your standard Fillis irons. The cheese grater-type tread has a textured, pointy pattern across the surface to increase the grip by your boot sole. This helps make your foot more secure in the stirrups. These stainless steel grated pads are sold in pairs and come in the following sizes: 4 1/4", 4 1/2" and 4 3/4". Look for the size on your old stirrup pads or measure your irons so you can order the proper size.