Pro Series Derby D-Ring Bit

Designer: EHI

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Size: 4.5

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Developed in partnership with top riders, this D-ring bit is inspired by the bit popularized by Peter Pletcher. Traditionally only available through custom bit makers, you can now have your own “Pletcher Bit” without the wait. Ergonomically shaped, this bit is beloved at the top tiers of hunter/jumper sport as it lets you easily rate or balance your horse with a subtle cue, while allowing him to remain light and lifted in the front end. The copper alloy mouthpiece encourages acceptance of the bit, and is thin enough to suit horses with thick tongues or low palates, while the two central links offer ideal communication between you and your horse.

Key Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed Pletcher bit
  • Allows you to balance & lift
  • Classic D-ring cheeks
  • Thin copper alloy mouthpiece
  • Two central links aid in communication

**4.5 and 4.75 have pony sized D-rings**