Fresca Longsleeve Show Shirt -Turchese Blue Air - Ladies

Designer: Kismet

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Color: Turchese Blue Air

Size: XS


Meet the long sleeve variant of the finest show shirt of 2021: Kismet Short Sleeve Ladies Ultra Perforated AirMax Competition Show Shirt Zipper Closure “Fresca SS”

Simple design, but works double duty not just as a show shirt but as a show jacket as well. How? If you use an airbag safety vest, this shirt looks exactly like a show jacket. No one can tell it apart from a show jacket. That is the most compelling feature of this beautiful show shirt. No need to wear your existing show jacket.

  • Long Sleeve Show Shirt that doubles up as a show jacket
  • Clean Design with Zipper Closure
  • Made In Italy


1/2" stretch white sleeve cuff (no snaps or buttons)

Quarter length concealed zipper

Crossover collar

Made in Italy 

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