Fluff Monkey Boot Buffers

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Assorted Colors - Custom colors available for orders of 6 or more

Join the Fluff Monkey Obsession!
Kids from 2 to 100-years-old are enjoying the fun of collecting Fluff Monkeys.

Fluff Monkey is a blend of getting a job done and play. The colorful ball of fabric can buff, dust, wash, entertain, relax, stylize, apply, identify, reward and represent! Handmade in the USA with colorful, durable, washable materials. This ball of fabric is customizable so everyone can show off their true colors. Colors as simple as your favorite pink to representing your favorite team with RED, WHITE AND BLUE! WEAR them, USE them, SHOW THEM OFF! Spread the word and let’s all obsess!

The uses of the Fluff Monkey ball are limitless. To this date, Fluff Monkeys have been used for the following:

  1. Buffing
    Leather goods (like riding boots) require polish and respond beautifully to buffing with the Fluff Monkey mixture of material. Equestrians, keep the Fluff Monkey with you at the ingate to dust and shine your boots right before you enter the ring. Business men and women, these are great for your shoes. Use on any leather goods that need polishing.
  2. How To Use On Leather
    Apply the wax or paste polish to a clean leather. Allow it to dry. Buff vigorously with your CLEAN Fluff Monkey and watch the shine appear!
  3. Representation
    Wear and use your favorite team colored Fluff Monkeys. Show your PRIDE!
  4. Dusting
    Keep one in your car to quickly dust the dashboard, cracks & crevices and electronics.
  5. Spot Cleaning Electronics
    Removes smudges from phones and electronic screens.
  6. Spot Cleaning Clothes
    Using a like-colored Fluff Monkey, you can remove dried dirt and smudges from jackets or dust from riding helmets.
  7. Spot Cleaning Horses
    Remove last minute stains from your show horse prior to entering the ring. Dust and polish his/her coat. For GRAY horses, a damp Fluff Monkey can remove the brown and green stains that appear even after you have bathed and perfectly groomed him!
  8. Quick Clean
    A Fluff Monkey can be used as a towel to remove grime from the horse’s mouth, face and body prior to showing or riding.
  9. Apply Liquid
    It is a great applicator for fly spray and other solutions on your horses, especially good on sensitive face and legs.
  10. Apply Powder
    They are the perfect “Powder Puff” to whiten socks on your show horse.
  11. Entertain
    Kids love to play with them. Throw, sort, touch. Young children must be supervised with all Fluff Monkeys.
  12. Entertain Pets
    Preliminary testing shows that dogs love them. A few of the dogs tested have been known to be destructive and they did not destroy their Fluff Monkeys. Supervise your pets while playing with any toys.
  13. Stylize
    Accessorize with your favorite colors by wearing on your purse, tote or backpack.
  14. Identify
    Perfect for keys! Hang a Fluff Monkey on your golf cart, bicycle, purse, duffle bag or luggage to mark your territory.
  15. Reward
    Give a Fluff Monkey to show a job well done. Give a Fluff Monkey as a prize.
  16. Wash
    Bathe your horse, car, truck, boat or bike! Some people have used a Fluff Monkey in the shower to bathe themselves! A Fluff Monkey is excellent to wash chrome wheels. Removes the bugs on the front of your vehicle without scratching the paint.
  17. Relax
    Fluff Monkeys are “Fidgets”. A fidget is something one can use when nervous or anxious. Simply hold, play and relax.

As you see, one Fluff Monkey is just not enough!