Vento Carbon Gel Open Front Boots

Designer: Veredus

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Size: M

Color: Black


Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Front Boots combine the classic carbon gel boot design with new, updated features to keep your horse’s legs comfortable no matter the activity. In addition to a durable outer shell and carbon fiber strike pads, these boots feature a unique ventilation system to improve airflow to the legs. Overheating can be detrimental to your horse’s leg health, so Carbon Gel Vento boots use a double ventilation system to keep them cool. These boots are still easy to wash and have a stylish look that is perfect for the show ring.


  • Open-front design encourages the horse to avoid hitting poles
  • Semi-Rigid PU shell for protection and support without restricting freedom of movement
  • Carbon fiber strike zones
  • Nitrexgel lining absorbs shock
  • AEROX vented neoprene and 3D Ducted Mesh improve ventilation and disperse heat
  • Waterproof shell repels water and prevents water absorption so boots dry quickly
  • Quick-release hook closures make removal fast and easy
  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Made in Italy
Size Guide:

Small (Pony): Boot Height 8.5”, Cannon Circumference 6.5-7.5”
Medium: Boot Height 9.5”, Cannon Circumference 7.5-8.5”
Large: Boot Height 10.5”, Cannon Circumference 8.5-9.5”

How to fit your Veredus boots:

For an accurate fit, measure the circumference of your horse's cannon bone using a soft measuring tape, measuring halfway between the knee and the bottom of the fetlock. You should also measure as the height of the portion of the leg that would be protected by the boot. Veredus boots work best with a secure fit. 

When properly fitted, the Open Front Boots should maintain the same amount of open space down the length of the boot, and not close in tighter up by the knee and then fan out at the bottom.