Optimal Equine Mold Away

Designer: Jacks Manufacturing

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Optimal Equine Mold Away is made with proprietary minerals to enhance leather’s longevity. Cleans and protects against fungal build up. Optimal for use before and after competitions. It is non fading, nontoxic, non-caustic and nonflammable. 

The effectiveness of the product starts with the unique blend of various compounds mixed together in a specific chain that run through a reverse osmosis system. The reason for this is to remove all impurities so the integrity of the ingredients is never compromised or affected in the chain. 

Basically, the product is high alkaline electrically charged H2O with key surfactants (wetting agents) and other ingredients that can eliminate bad bacteria without harming any live skin tissue or red blood cells. Most equine products on the market today provide “Band-Aid” solutions or just “mask” the problem. This product goes after the source itself and pulls it apart at a very fast rate.