Mouillere Rubber Shoe Covers - Unisex

Designer: Mouillere

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Size: XXS


Mouillere Rubber Overshoes are molded thermoplastic rubber slip-on covers that protect your expensive shoes and boots. The Mouillere rubber boot covers can be placed over your paddock boots, tall boots, and regular shoes to protect them from water, mud, dirt, manure, and more. Ideal for horse shows where you need to keep your show boots ready for the arena. Walk the course, go grab lunch - your boots will stay clean. The flexible rubber galoshes have a grippy sole, keep your feet dry, and can be used for many other activities. Practical shoe covers can be worn while gardening, bicycling, on boats, or anywhere you want extra grip without having to change shoes.

These stylish rubber boots that slip on over shoes are the result of a creative collaboration between Luc Mouillere and designer Jean-Cristophe Dumont. They are made in France and have that French flair to elevate them from practical accessory to fashion statement. Available in sizes for youth, men, and women, the Mouillere shoes come in Black, Brown, Green, Orange, and Red. They are designed to be worn on either foot and adapt well to the shape of different footwear. Prolong the life of your riding boots and shoes with the waterproof, comfortable, secure, and chic Mouillere Rubber Overshoes.

  • XXS (36-37) - Ladies 4.5 - 6
  • XS (38-39) - Ladies 6.5-7.5
  • Sm (39-40) - Ladies 8-8.5 and Mens 7 - 7.5
  • M (41-42) - Ladies 9-9.5 and Mens 8 - 9.5
  • Lg (43-44) - Ladies 10-11 and Mens 10 - 10.5
  • XL (45-47) Mens 11 - 13

Mouillere covers protect shoes and boots from being damaged by water, mud, snow or salt.  Perfect for course walks and setting jumps - your boots will still be clean when it's time to get on.

Antislip rubber improves grip in heavy rain and snow, keeping feet dry.

Interchangeable left foot/right foot, they are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the elasticity of the rubber.

Lightweight and easy care - great for traveling.