Effax Leather Combi

Designer: Effol

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Clean your fine leather products quickly and safely with the Effax Leather Combi cleaner. The easy to wipe cleaner provides a powerful formula that delivers fast, effective results. It seals and protects the natural properties of handbags, saddles, shoes, and boots with a fat-free formula so you'll never have to deal with a greasy residue.

Key Benefits

  • Deep cleaning: This leather cleaner removes dried-on dirt, dust, and sweat from smooth leathers without scrubbing.
  • No greasy residue: The fat-free formula cleans and protects your leather without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Easy to apply: This leather cleaner removes stubborn dirt quickly and easily with the gentle wipe of a rag.
  • Fine quality: Effax has been a leading producer of quality leather-care products for more than 110 years.